Sing Cheung Sauce Products

Welcome to Sing Cheung Co. Pvt. Ltd.

We, at Sing Cheung, use the age old traditional Chinese fermentation process to manufacture sauces. Our soya sauce are aged under sun unhurriedly for more than 10 months. Sauces manufactured in this way have much better aroma and flavor compared to the faster chemical fermentation process. They are healthy at the same time.

The lineage, product variety, and most important of all—quality has made Sing Cheung the first choice of the connoisseurs. A number of five-star hotels and some of city's top restaurants are among those who use our products regularly. The long list of our clientele also includes traditional Chinese households and many other medium and small size business units.  Whether you are a restaurateur aiming to create a loyal customer base or just want to prepare a special dish for that special someone, there is always a Sing Cheung product which is just right for you.